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There are four seasons: WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL... Where you and your loved one(s) can share the PLEASURES of the season. Your Romantic Setting for two to twenty-six makes it easy . We do all the planning for you with an easy, yet elegant setting, tailored for Casual or Formal dining. It's time-consuming trying to find time to plan. Romantic setting is designed so you and your loved one(s) can relax and enjoy.
  Elegant and Romance has a way with the season....By WINTER you've established your place next to your loved one with a warm cup of tea ready to settle in for the duration.......

  By SPRING warming temperatures the blooming of flowers  and fruit trees enjoying the abundance of new life

 .....By SUMMER You allow yourself  to unwind. The fragrant aroma of food grilling around  in the neighborhood, spending the evening on the balcony, deck, the rooftop or in the backyard with so many hours of daylight the day feels less confining.   

...By FALL the days shorten, the landscape turns gold, rusty red;  couples go inside for their first cozy fire, warm meal, pure comfort to heartier savory food.

    Most want the best for their loved ones and they deserve it. We at Culinary Designs  are always seeking Inspiration looking to marry the old with the new so that Creativity will flow that Inspiration is Defined and Perfected ....Every menu  has the taste of "just one more bite"leaving you with an immense desire for a new summons to your table..


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